Post photos taken with your iOS devices!

Apple says, according to Flickr, the iSight camera on the iPhone is the most popular camera in the world, but we're not here to argue that. I assume not every iOS device owned by members of the Core is necessarily an iPhone, so no one will be left out of this, save the Mac users alone.

This means, for this thread, pictures from the following devices are allowed and/or expected:

  • iPhone (any generation)
  • iPod Touch (any generation)
  • iPad (any generation; yes, we shall judge you in our minds only).

Think of these, not as rules (no one's enforcing anything), but more like guidelines:

  • For the sake of scrolling, let's try a maximum of 2 pictures each, but if you feel the need to brag with more, why not?
  • Say which iOS device(s) was/were used and its generation, just to satisfy curiosity. You could even say which app you used.
  • Pictures with post-processing are, of course, allowed - filtered, non-filtered and all.

If you need help, here's how to painlessly post from Imgur, and how to do so from Flickr.

Okay, GO!