Benefits of a 1" Sensor: V1 with FT1 and a 70-200/2.8

A friend got to repel down a building after knocking out some fundraising for Make A Wish. Decided to document the proceedings so I bolted the FT1 and workhorse zoom up to the V1 to pull closeups of a would-be Spiderwoman.

D3 @ 28mm

D3 28mm

V1 @ 600mm

V1 @ ~600mm

The 70-200 is effectively 190-540 and this shows the results. Hand-held, f/4, 1/2000, ISO 100. Nikon also just updated the FT1 firmware to allow continuous auto focus. Though still limited to center point, it shows that Nikon is still developing the 1 and if I could get a few more focus points in a future update, this combo would be the perfect soundboard shoot/racetrack kit.