Just got switched over to my white iPhone 4s from my Droid DNA and to be honest, I'm not sure why I didn't switch sooner. For that matter, I'm not really sure why Android exists as a platform at all. You can get all of the Google services to your iPhone. A native Gmail client, Google +, and even Chrome, ffs, which IMO, all three run better on the iPhone than android, which to be honest, is a bit sad.

I used to enjoy being able to set up my phone any way I wanted to, with different roms, different home screen setups and widgets. What I learned very quickly from my limited time with the iPhone, is, who the f*** cares? No seriously. Who gives a flying f***? The interface is so much smoother than android. Aosp or not. Nexus or not. Games that I played on android - I re-downloaded them for iOS. Rofl. WUT. So much smoother than on Android, mind you the android phones I had, were no slouches. Droid DNA, Galaxy S 1, 2, and Galaxy Note 2, but I can honestly say non of those phones played any of these games as smooth as the iPhone 4S.

Some of the titles I tried and had better results on iOS than android so you can try yourself.

Real Racing 3

Asphalt 7

Shadow Gun: DeadZone

Dungeon Hunter 4

Oh and eff you every handset manufacturer that put your speaker on the back of the phone. I don't have to cup my hand on the back of the phone for me to hear the Youtube video, etc.

Anyhow, I guess I'm just mad that I didn't switch a long time ago. O well, better late than never.