Please help me decide... S4 or HTC One? (for the last time)

I've been reading a lot of reviews about both the phones but still cant decide which one to opt for! The Samsung galaxy S4 is a powerhouse for sure but do we really need that kind of performance given that major amount of apps don't even use 3 cores properly!

As far as the comparison goes:

  • Samsung devices generally update at a faster rate as compared to HTC devices.
  • camera performance of S4 is slightly better than the ONE in daylight, whereas low light is better in HTC ONE.
  • Having experienced touchwiz and seen HTC sense close and personally, i prefer touchwiz.( presently i am open to both)
  • CPU is almost the same in both the devices(performance wise) and doesn't really become the criteria to break or make the deal!
  • Last but not the least, the feel ! i currently own the Samsung note 2 and really crave the feel of a premium handset ! Although i know that plastic body provides faster gps locking and better signal but it hardly makes a difference in the real world. The HTC ONE provides a metal body feel whereas S4 is plastic.

What is your opinion ?