Touchscreen is so much useful for laptops.

I know, I know, the GODLY Jobs once said it is not comfortable to use a laptop with a touchscreen. However, I've been using Acer S7 for a month now and I find that I love touchscreens on a laptop.

True, I will not use touchscreen exclusively with the input method or I will simply buy a tablet. But being able to touch the screen and get proper response makes the experience a joyful one. My hand sweat a lot, so any touch pad, including apple's, becomes so hard to use after a 15 minute use. Have touchscreen makes drag and drop so much easier for me. I don't have to move the cursor a long long way to reach a button, ever. I still use the keyboard and touch pad whenever I see fit. What's so wrong with the touch screen? Because someone never sell it before say so?

Try it before you guess.