Downloading On The Verge?

I would love to be able to download On The Verge, and possibly other Verge Videos, to my cell phone, so I can get them at home and watch them without killing my bandwidth cap.

Is there an easy way to do this? I do recall there being download links on the video posts, but they seem to be gone.

I do remember having to parse RSS feeds to find the link to the downloadable file, but now I can't even find the RSS feeds for the videos.

If the plan was to force me to watch the streaming video on the Verge site, so that I have to watch the ads, then the plan works great. I'm just disappointed that I can't download longer-form videos so I can watch them offline.

In all honesty, I'm unlikely to watch the entire On The Verge on the website, since that's just not how I watch longer videos.