Where to get reliable network coverage information?

I am moving in a few months and am looking to switch cell phone providers. Currently am with Verizon and I am hating the monthly price. Coverage is great where I live, and I am under the impression it will be great where I am moving. I am not sure how to find out what other cell service providers will be good in the area.

I like about trying out a service like Ting, which is Sprint. They have no coverage where I currently live. T-Mobile also has no coverage. Basically, its AT&T or Verizon. Net10 operates off Verizon's network locally, and I am considering a BYOD plan with them. I'd love a Lumia 928 but I don't think I can get it to work with a MVNO service. I'd also like a Lumia 920.

I used to sell Alltel/Verizon service, and I never really trusted the coverage maps. Because of this, I don't know where to get reliable, unbiased info. Any suggestions would be great.