Why do I have a feeling PS4 will receive a huge backlash soon...

And it will be an even bigger backlash than what XB1 had initially.

I mean, XB1 already had their share of backlash at E3, so game enthusiast already expect the worse from XB1 from here on, and future negativity will provide no further shock as we're already used to the whole XB1 debate. In other words, it can't get any worse from E3, and will only get better as Microsoft will try to work things out with its shortcomings, and clear any kind of misunderstanding. Along the way, I could see future users actually coming to appreciate XB1.

I've always been PS fan for years, but the whole PSN hacking last year has left me going for the XB1 (when I save money, or at least wait until it drops in price - I'm not in a hurry to buy it). What if PSN gets hacked again with PS4? Especially now that PSN is $5 a month, anyone is at risk of their information being hacked.

Especially now that PS4 will have more initial sales than XB1, I think if something like that happens, many people will be very, very pissed.

Not only that, but this whole DRM thing has left PS4 in a tight position. I think people will feel betrayed if publishers do in fact implement them in any sort of way. At least with XB1, the users already know what to expect, lol.

I think another plan by Microsoft, is to push XBox 360 sales one last time before XB1 take over. 360 is still much alive and is still very profitable for Microsoft, thus they don't want XB1 to cannibalize the sales just yet, and this is why the XB1 is $499.

I know I'm basing my argument on baseless theories, but I'm just giving out my two cents.