If PC makers don't start putting out notebooks that get 10+ hour battery life, I'm going mac.

First, I realize many if not most of you don't care, and that's fine. But I have been pretty loyal to pc makers over the years. I've had 3 notebooks so far, and all have been windows based pcs. But even my latest notebook, while powerful enough, has depressing battery life compared to the new Air.

Not completely fair, it's a 15" ips display using a sandy bridge i7, but the most I've been able to get is just under 5 hours on the thing with the included 70-ish wh battery.

And now the new air is boasting over TWELVE >!?!>>>!?>???

I have not defected to mac yet, and the pc makers have yet to release their haswell notebooks en masse, so hopefully I can stick around.

The only company that seems to be building the type of notebook I want on the pc side is samsung at the moment. Their new chronos notebook with ivy bridge has no optical drive, but unlike hp's last 15" specter notebook with no drive, they filled that space with a 92wh battery (the 15" specter battery was 48wh!!!). It has full power intel chips, a powerful mobile gpu, weighs less, costs less, AND has around DOUBLE the battery life of hp's last offering.

It has not been updated using haswell, but that might break the 10 hour usage mark when it does. But I really hope by the time I upgrade my current notebook, there are more viable options in the pc space. I am NOT a mac person, don't want to be, but I will switch if I need to.

There are plenty of ways I would be happier with a pc. A 15" notebook would be fine for me size wise, as would a 1080p screen (no need for retina resolutions on that small a screen), it could be a bit thicker than the retina mac, my arms won't snap into twigs when using something over 3 lbs, and most importantly, because of not putting that costly ultra high res screen, they could have lower price points than 2200. Samsung basically did already at around 1200. HP seems to have better driver support than the new gen samsung notebooks, especially with being able to switch the gpu manually, so I'd prefer more options than one in the future.

Come on lenovo/asus/acer/hp, don't leave it all to samsung and apple.