IOS 7 Disclaimer

I just watched the showcase video on IOS 7 and I noticed at the end, the disclaimer.

"Features Subject to change"

I'm both surprised and relieved by this. I wouldn't expect Apple to add something like this to their showcase video, but in this case, the case of IOS 7. The fact that the redesign got started 7 months ago, I think they're really treating this effort like a beta. The IOS betas in the past have been about polish and refinement. I think this one is about trying to figure out what works and what doesn't and I'm betting that they look at the long term, for the next 6 years, this will be what they're working on.

I think there's more to come... lots more. And for those of you, who are throwing your hands up in the air and saying this is the worst thing to happen to IOS, remember.....

Think Different

That phrase means something that doesn't occur immediately. It means anything's on the table and the process is on going, it's never been more true than today.