Tired of MS' misinformation

I have found lots of contradicting/incomplete information about the DRM policies Xbox One is going to use, but they are all "official" statements by employees who, ultimately, end up giving incomplete fact, and everyone is confused. It is not convenient, then why do they do it this way? Why not just hold a press conference and explain every detail they've planned? We're the customers; we have the rights to know what they're trying to do before we actually buy anything from them.

For instance, GameTrailers says the 10 "family members" with whom you can share your game library aren't necessarily real family. http://www.gametrailers.com/side-mission/54648/ms-confirms-xbox-one-family-sharing-feature-allows-up-to-any-ten-people

Also, one of Xbox Support's Twitter account states that those 10 members can play simultaneously. https://twitter.com/nowak911/status/345297685743534080

So, why? What's simpler than just giving coherent information to everyone instead of randomly giving statements around the internet?