Social media website for lifehacks

Lifehacks seem to be getting quite popular, and I think that the ability to share and find ideas on how to improve everyday life is one of the great things about the internet.

Presently, lifehacks are mostly distributet by dedicated authors who create content for websites dedicated to lifehacks, and some are posted by users in social media networks such as reddit, 9gag, etc.

What's missing though is a social media platform dedicated to sharing lifehacks, with the ability to post, rate and comment lifehacks, and to browse/search them by category, rating and date. I think that kind of website could be as entertaining and addictive as 9gag, kickstarter etc., AND would provide high quality content, because it's not determined by professional authors and commercial interests, but by user rating.

What do you guys think? And do you know any websites that offer this sort of thing?