Macbook Air 2013 - Charging time

Everyone(including me) is excited about the incredible, stunning, fantastic battery life on the new macbook air. (That's right.. tons of adjectives). But does it take just as long to charge?

The battery in MBA is 54 Watt-hour and the Magsafe2 charger is 45 Watts.

Ideally the battery should be fully charged

from empty within an hour and a half.

There is hardware on board which controls the charging rate so this might not be entirely true. Quick charge to 80% and then trickle charge to 100% or something like that..

Anyway, I just got mine and I left it on all night yesterday until it turned itself off. It is now connected to charger and we'll find out how long this takes soon.

What are your charging times for the new macbook air?

Update: Charging time 1 hour 40 minutes approximately.

Going ahead with battery calibration...