Mac Mini 2013

So, has anybody heard something about the newest literation of the Mini?

Why i`m asking:I am currently undecided weather i should wait for the 2013 Mac Mini or try my luck with a Hackintosh. My Macbook Air is just fine for mobile use and the light stuff but image editing and sometimes even freakin flash content are just a little to much for it so i need something with just a little more power.

The current quad-core mini should be enough in terms of CPU power and upgradable RAM and HDDs is always welcome...but the graphics department has me worried. The current HD 4000 is not enough by a longshot as evidenced by my MBA, even HD content on a 1080p screen together with the laptops own screen sometimes makes it struggle a bit. On a Hackintosh that wouldn't be a problem at all, i would just put in one of the supported nVidia cards and be done with it, i could even play a few games on a windows partition if i spend more than 100$.

So is there any chance the next Mini might get one of the high-end Iris iGPUs? The HD 4600 & 5000 dont seems to be that much of an improvement over the 4000 so those would be a no go for me.

I´d really love to try building a Hackintosh but i´m also a bit afraid of the hassle i might have with it in every-day use. And if something goes wrong i`ll be stuck with a machine running windows....and i`m not going there again. Cost would be pretty similar, both the Mini and mITX Hackintosh i`m planing would be around 850€. But it seems like it might be my only shot at a fairly powerful PC running OS X as the iMac is completely out of the question. I already have a monitor, it is not user-serviceable and a the same time not powerful enough to justify it`s price, at least not the baseline 21" one which is the only version that is not completely out of my league. The 27" iMac with the GTX 680MX would be perfect but....2000$ is way above my current Mac Mini or Hackintosh Mini?

Ok, here`s the recap for those who didn`t bother reading the whole thing (i dont blame you...):

  • New Mac Mini, when?
  • Better integrated graphics, Iris?
  • Any new goodies, maybe even discrete graphics (again)?