Surface RT vs Iconia W3-810

I am thinking of getting a tablet for school I currently have a handme down ipad G1 and that does not function as a proper tool. I want something small and capable of taking notes, browsing the web, and watching Netflix.

I am going to school for Network Security and of course there are various programs I will want to install on my laptop that obviously wont work on RT but I should be able to put them on the Acer W3 but will they run efficiently?

I like the Surface but I just really dislike the idea of not having full windows 8 and im not a huge fan of the touch cover or the viewing angles and stability of the tablet when its on my lap.

I think the price of the W3 is going to be like 380$
I would probably be able to get the Surface RT for their educational discount with the type cover for $289. (My dad is the IT Admin for a school district and would be able to order one, probably)

What I cant decide is really what one I like more or would be better. It doesnt help that I could get the Surface for such a discount.

Any ideas or advice?

P.s. Would be willing to get an ultrabook but only if it was at the same price point of the W3 or less.