After two years with Android, I think it's time to come back to the iPhone

I left the iPhone 4 behind for the Galaxy Nexus and was blown away by the beautiful user interface. Ice Cream Sandwich really trumped iOS in just about every department. It was the first time since the debut of Android that I really felt like Google surpassed Apple in software design. I even updated my phone to the Nexus 4 in anticipation of Jelly Bean late last year. The core phone experience was just that much better in my opinion.

And, while I still do believe that to be true, I'm really starting to miss the incredible ecosystem on iOS. In most cases applications do not work as smoothly as they do on my iPad. Big games are just a nightmare on my Nexus 4. Games like GTA III and Real Racing require multiple downloads and take forever to finish installing. I dislike how some apps on Android clearly look like they were made pre-Froyo and never had their UI updated. They're not as uniform as the apps on iOS (not sure if that makes any sense).

Finally one of my biggest issues is the delay between iOS and Android app releases. If you like to play games on your smartphone then you know exactly what I'm talking about. You're lucky if a game released on iOS takes only a few months to be ported to Android. Other apps have a problem of not getting the same features as their iOS counterpart.

Even after saying ALL OF THAT I was still content with my Nexus 4/iPad combo. It's the best of both worlds, right? In comes iOS 7. Say what you will about the way the OS looks, it honestly seems like Apple is trying to make iOS more like Android...and I LOVE that! The folks at Droid Life would have you believe this was a bad thing, but as an end user I could not possibly careless about who-invented-what. All I ever wanted was an iPhone that behaved more like Android. And it looks like I'm getting my wish.

It feels kinda weird to be moving in the opposite direction as everyone else though. I see a lot of articles and comments about switching from iPhone to Android. And I'm hoping my little post here isn't too controversial. Like I said, I absolutely love Android, but after seeing iOS 7 I think Apple might finally be catching up.