Advice for Surface in education

Howdy folks,

The Microsoft offer for discounted Surface RTs seems pretty good.

I am a teacher at a secondary school (11-18yrs) in the north of England. Our ageing Dell Latitude laptops are ripe for replacement.

Please can I get a bit of honest advice (if you have any inclination of fanboyism, please don't comment - it will only confuse me!) on whether this would be a good buy for my students. Our department could afford around 35 of them to be shared between classes. Use case is internet research and word processing of essays.

I'm a little concerned with stuttering problems that haunted Windows RT towards the start of its life. I'm also concerned with the longevity of the touchcovers - don't they fall apart fairly quickly?

So, should I put in a bid for funds to get a set, or should we look for something else?

Advice please! (especially if you have experience of using them in an educational setting)

Thanks everyone!