Forza Motorsport 5 - Top Gear

I was wondering whether or not Jeremy Clarkson would still be Top Gear. Found my answer. I thought it was an interesting bit. For the whole thing. Forza will be a great game, but this just makes me feel better.

Forza 4 had quite a lot of Jeremy Clarkson. We understand that Forza 5 is going to feature all three chaps...?

They are! We worked with Top Gear, and we worked with Charlie [Turner] on the magazine side, looking at the hundreds of cars that we have in our car list and putting them into groups that are more rivalry or spiritually based, and Top Gear would have an opinion on them. And they are narrating on these careers. They kind of hopefully giving you a feeling of what's exciting about these cars. So they're not just a random collection of cars, they're a collection of cars that feels like there's a heritage there. A history. If these cars were people, they would hate each other - having that level of passion.

Which makes sense, because when you're talking about Top Gear, it's essentially three people who hate each other...

That too! The great thing actually was having all three guys write, and come up with their take on each one of these different things. We actually had great material to choose from where sometimes they had very strong opinions about this group of cars, and fond memories or angry thoughts and what have you. And sometimes it was just like yeah, here's a history lesson. And having all three of them allowed us to pick and choose really funny, real Top Gear moments.

So how is that presented in the game? Because at the moment there are simple sets of menus to delve into, in the single player game. How have you bolted three old men onto this?

We're still in the pre-beta format of the game, so a lot of what people have seen so far is going to be swapped out and changed. We're experimenting with these flows. What it comes down to is that we've streamlined the overall flow, where we curate the cars you buy and we curate the paint jobs you buy and you're looking at these mini careers, and then there's a flow of getting into your car and learning more about that group and having Top Gear present information and then going on this journey to all these different environments, having different types of races that you're getting into. It really amplifies the rivalry between the cars, it feels very bespoke. So that whole thing is kind of a flow, it's a story, right?

So are they narrating the single player game?

In most ways they're bookending, setting it up, because what we're trying to do is borrow against the emotion they're putting forward. At the highest level, it's a collection of cars. And racing games, even Forza in the past has been: "Hey, it's a race. With a collection of cars." And if you know cars, you know why those 6, 8, 10, 20 cars belong together. But if you don't know cars, that's where we thought Top Gear could add the most value, actually coming and saying, well any car enthusiast knows this, but what Top Gear does so well is actually translate car enthusiasts to... my wife. So I look at a group of cars and I'm like, hot hatch! Yeah. The original GTi, blah blah, it's there!