Motorola's midrange device could be genius

A little bit about me (Feel free to skip)

I wouldn't call myself a spec junkie. The fact that I only just recently bought an N4 kind of precludes me from that group (moar power to you if that's what gets you off).

I'm all about the overall experience of the device, and sitting with a HTC One next to me, I can safely say I wouldn't ever consider using it as a daily driver (button layout and awful sense are the main reasons).

I'm not into installing ROMs and kernels, or whatever else the mod crowd do. I want a device that I can pick up out the box, turn on, and get a great experience. My N4 is pretty good, I don't suffer too badly with the battery, but the camera is naff.

Why would a mid range device be genius

If Motorola cracked a device with multiple days of battery, a nice screen, great performance, a good camera, without excelling in any particular category (except perhaps battery), who would be able to not recommend the device.

If the price point brings it in below the top range Android devices, and the device is simply good in every respect, it lends itself perfectly to such a huge underserved market of people who don't really care about a top tier device, and just want something that works.

The Samsung mini series devices are always sub-par with ugly skins, HTC make better mid range devices in my opinion, but they still aren't great. At the time of the big Apple vs Samsung lawsuit (I know they're constantly happening, and I don't think that one's even resolved, but you know what I mean), wasn't the top selling Samsung device by numbers the Galaxy Ace? Not the S2/S3, the Ace!


The Moto X could be the perfect device for those who just want to be able to play a bit of temple run, do some Facebook-ing, and take some nice little snaps. A huge market that shouldn't be underestimated.

Why compete at the top for a portion of the top tier pie, when you could own the whole lower tier?