Recommend me WP8 apps

Just updated my aging Dell Venue Pro for a cyan Lumia 520. The blue was less sky blue than I expected, but none the less a similar (possibly better?) experience so far. While I do have the 5th Generation iPod Touch, which undoubtedly has a more developed app ecosystem, however the lack of internet hinders it. So I'm wondering whether you guys could help me out and recommend me some apps.

Currently I have:

- Metrotube

- Metroradio Pro (or should I go with the official Pandora client?)

- Facebook Beta

- Baconit

- My bank and transport apps

I'm especially looking for a free alternative to Pocket (Pouch wasn't up to scratch with the trial) and a Feedly/Google Reader alternative, and am on the lookout for some other interesting apps that might complement my interest.

I mainly use my phone for messaging and social and know about Instance, 6sec, Swapchat etc. but I don't utilise these services. And please for the love of god (or whatever belief you have) recommend me weather apps. I'll try to be open as possible to any suggestions.