Advice on next purchase - iMac Fusion Drive/Pure SSD coming from a MacBook Air

Hello guys,

Even though I have a pretty new MacBook Air(2012) I've decided to change it for the next iMac that should come out in a few months.

My reasons for upgrading are:

- 128 gigs of memory are not enough for me

- I really don't need a portable computer and would rather lose on portability to have a larger screen

- My wife has to change her 2007 laptop. I can just give her my current MacBook Air

- I'm looking for something a BIT more powerful than the MacBook Air.. no need to go Pro though.

One extra information.. I will also buy a 2TB Airport Time Capsule.

My Budget is for 1600 dollars (Enough for iMac Fusion Drive 1TB or iMac 256 gigs SSD)

Here is my dilema:

Should I go for the model with 256gigs of SSD memory of fusion drive?

At the start I was very sure I should get the fusion drive version but as I started to search more about it I found that some people were disappointed with its performance. I do have to say that I am spoiled with the velocity of my MacBook Air SSD. Its just beautiful the way the computer turns on in 10 seconds, how programs open almost immediately and everything feels very snappy.

  • If I go for the version with 256gigs SSD I will eventually have to move my library of photos to the AirPort Time Capsule and keep just my favourite songs and movies on iTunes (with spotify thats not really a problem). In the other hand I am sure to get a system which is going to be at least as fast as my current MacBook Air.

  • If I go for the fusion drive version I am sure I won't have to care about space... I probably will never use up the entire hard drive be honest. Do you think I will be disappointed with Fusion Drive performance after being spoiled with a full SSD?