Is now a bad time to buy a 13" Retina MacBook Pro?

Hi all,

I'm not a forum regular, I just watch from a distance, so I hope this is an appropriate post! My girlfriend is looking to buy her first Mac, and she has her eyes set on a 13" Retina MacBook Pro. It feels to me like not long ago that these were released, but I did some research for her to prevent her from being disappointed should they be succeeded by an updated and possibly cheaper model shortly after she buys it.

I was surprised to find that most of the rumours/reports seemed to suggest that an update is imminent in the very near future, and one was actually expected to be unveiled at WWDC.

She has saved the money, and was waiting to finish her last exam to buy it as a sort of celebration. Her last exam was today, so you can understand the temptation to go out and buy it tomorrow - it's hard to be patient when you've waited so long!

I'm just wondering whether anyone has any idea as to how long until the update will be announced/shipped, and/or what it will include. Reports are saying that Haswell Processors are a definite, a higher resolution FaceTime camera is likely, as is longer battery life (as per the new Airs), and some reports are suggesting a slightly thinner design for the 13" model.

If the new Retina Pros only have Haswell and new FaceTime cameras we would buy the current one tomorrow - easy. Improved batteries would make the decision more difficult, and a thinner design would make us wait - Emily wants her expensive machine to look current, of course!

I understand that all of this is speculation, but I'd just appreciate any opinions that would help us in making a decision.