iOS and Twitter Clients

iOS is by far my favorite platform. One major reason is because of the quantity and quality of the apps available in the app store. One place where I feel like Android may actually have an edge in this space is with 3rd party twitter clients. I don't want to make a debate on which platform has better apps, I'm just simply curious as to why it seems like every time you blink there is a new Twitter client out for Android and not iOS. Of course we have the basics like Tweetbot, Twitteriffic 5, Flurry, Echofon, and Twitterlator to name a few, but it feels like they've all been around forever. I do understand, for the most part, the new api's that Twitter have put in place to make things more difficult on developers, but is this simply why we aren't seeing new apps on the platform? Thanks for any insight in advance guys and gals.