Vergecast Criticism (Attempting to be Constructive)

Hello. I would like to register a complaint about something I don't pay a cent for. Really, I just was wondering if I'm alone in these two points.

1) The "We Have to Go" Problem - I understand the Vox Studio is shared by all of the various video properties in the company, but it seems like lately there has been many good Vergecasts that have been cut short due to scheduling issues for the studio. None worse than the Vergecast last week (the week of June 10th) where there was a very good discussion going on that was brought to a screeching halt by Ross who informed them that time was up. That coupled with a very confused Nilay saying his signature "rock and roll" to no outro music and then 30 seconds of dead air made the last episode a little anti-climactic. It would be nice if discussion could be brought to a natural conclusion before signing off.

2) Nilay. Dude.

You swallow the end of your sentences.

Just my two things. I love the show and it is one of the highlights of my podcast listening week. Anybody else have CONSTRUCTIVE things to add?