A warning to anyone thinking of switching from iOS to Android

TL/DR (skip to the numbered points)

OK now let me say from the get-go that this post is slightly tongue in cheek, though the bare bones content is not, and I'd love it if someone replicated it in the respective forums.

Following on from the iSwitched thread (and various others), it seems a lot of people are spending hard earned time and money switching to (or being on) Android...all for nothing. A lot of this seems to be down to poor research/expectations imo.

I'm a huge Android fan. I'm also sick of some people in these forums (all platforms) only writing glowing praise about their own chosen platform.

So with that in mind, and for any would-be switchers, here's the low-down on why you shouldn't switch to Android.

All the worst points I can think of (please add yours) from someone who loves the platform. Anyone who wants to find out can learn the good points (if any), I'm restricting myself to the bad/reasons you might not like it:

1. It will never be as smooth as iOS. Even the N4 which I consider smooth, will probably not be as smooth as your iphone. Windows phone or other platforms may be as smooth, I've yet to comprehensively find out.

2. The range of handsets means that even with smoothness there's a big scale. The N4 is close to the top. I'm about to get an S4...it has bad lag issues comparatively...and it's a flagship!

3. Current Android flagships have issues, not limited to, but including... The S4: overheating, lag. The HTC One: questionable quality control/construction, button placement. N4: Washed out screen, battery, poor camera. Xperia Z: Feels like holding a house brick, poor screen.

4. The apps/ecosystem are not as good

5. You might miss being comprehensively tied in to Apple services (especially if you're in the whole system), also most google services are available on apple, and many people seem to prefer the apple versions = Overall Android just doesn't offer the same unified experience

6. Customisation, widgets and any other stuff might be highly over-rated from your perspective, especially when taking all the above into account.

7. Battery life and power management is not as good. It's also highly variable between handsets.

8. Care and attention with design elements/overall user experience (while getting better) is not in the same league as Apple.

OK now that's obviously not comprehensive. Just off the top of my head :)