Adverts misusing iPhone web agent?

I have an iPhone but I don't use the app because you cant access your account. So I use the desktop version of the website.

Last week I reported a bug where the banner ad, which was for a UK events promotion company, brought up the iPhone "we have an app, would you like to use it?" pop-up box but , if you pressed cancel, it would not go away. The only way to get out was to close quit safari. I reported it to support

Anyway, the ad is gone and the problem is gone. whether the ad run finished or verge fixed it I don't know

This week, when I access the verge I get the same Apple pop up wuth the title " and "Candy Crush Saga - play NOW!"

This has to be cancelled twice to make it go away but them reappears every time you switch pages. So I'm getting mightily pissed off.

I can accept last weeks might have been a bug but this smacks of abuse of the built -n mechanism to offer an app version of a site to push adverts.

Anybody else getting it?