Microsoft just took away my favourite Xbox feature.

My favourite feature was the Family Game sharing plan. The ability to share a game with a friend from your living room and also have the ability to play it yourself was fantastic. Now due to bad PR, poor media and people not researching their facts this has been taken away from us! Now I just feel like Im buying an upgraded 360. I want a next gen console, not present day 2.0. Im really annoyed about this and may feel differently about it when I sleep on it. And now I have to have the game in the tray to play it? Sounds like 2005. I don't buy physical music, physical video and soon, physical books. Now Im going to have to go all digital and buy from the store.

Am I the only one who is not happy about the new changes?

Note: The 24hr check didn't bother me but I'm happy it is gone. However, I would have preferred if it was extended to 72 hours as long as we kept the Family sharing feature.