I Am Absoulestly Annoyed with Micrsoft

When they said they were changing their policies. I assume it would be the 24-hour check-ins. I felt as this was the only valid non-niche issue that would effect gamers. I thought they would have allowed games to be played offline as long as the original disc was in the machine. No exceptions.

But they seemed to have scrapped all the new features for the same old-fashioned policies. I wanted an next-gen console not prev-gen 2.0. I am highly upset that they buckled to the internet hysteria fueled by misinformation, false assumptions. PS4 fanboys, MS haters, plain trolls and bandwagon riders. I am highly disappointed they decided to go through this route.

I was so looking towards the new online features, most especially the family share program. I felt as these features was 100% better than anything Sony was offering. The Xbox One was for an internet powered generation. I can't believe they're putting a halt on this just to cater to loud minority.

They have alienated me from the Xbox One to win the favor of people they never would have original pleased. Well excuse me for not being stuck on past and seeing the benefits of an internet powered gaming machine can do. Not to mention all the extra profits that will go back to publishers and developers to invest in better games than line the pockets of middle men like GameStop. I can't believe Microsoft is pandering to the hysteria by people complaining on the internet about an internet eccentric console.