Xbox 180

Now that Microsoft have thrown their toys out of the pram and went back on their DRM restrictions, will it affect your buying decision between a PS4 and an Xbox One, or should that be Xbox 180?

I currently don't own a console (well apart from a Nintendo Wii that's in a wardrobe somewhere), I'm a PC gamer but I do want to get one of the next generation of consoles and had always planned on going with the Xbox One prior to E3. This decision was based on the current Xbox 360's superior online offering, but following Microsofts shambolic sales pitch at E3 I was teetering towards the PS4, but MS may have pulled me back in with their announcement today.

I use Windows 8, have a Windows Phone (Lumia 800) and hope to upgrade to the Lumia 925 or the new EOS phone, so can see the value in using their services, but I'm still not totally sold on the Xbox One, I only valued the Xbox 360's online capabilities for gaming, not any of its other services and as I am in the UK , they haven't released enough info on how it will differ from services US owners will have. I also don't like the necessity of Kinect being always plugged in, I don't care about it viewing me for any privacy concern, I just don't want it connected as I'm not interested in motion gaming in any way shape or form, also as it will be based in my living room, I don't want it out on display on my TV or on top of my media unit.

The straightforwardness of the PS4 is what is appealing, it's pretty much just a straight up games console with online gaming capabilities, it works pretty much like the PS3/Xbox 360 do now but with vastly improved graphics. I don't want a media centre, Windows on my TV, Kinect motion gaming, snappable windows (seriously? who wants snappable windows when gaming?) I just want a great console that is a generational leap forward graphically with great online gaming capabilities, hopefully I'll find out nearer release which one will suit my needs best.

Has your decision changed following todays announcement?