Apple MacBook Air (Windows 7)

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Reviewed by illuminuldis (Currently owns)

I own a mid-2012 model, which I use for work. OS X is generally unsupported in my office environment, but I kept getting nagged about how my next PC should be a Mac, so eventually I caved.

Installing Windows 7 via Bootcamp, getting the drivers from Apple, these were all somewhat straightforward tasks. In contrast to my old laptop, on which I installed a preview build of Windows 8, getting Windows onto my Mac was just a little more difficult.

I think Macs are beautiful, daresay exquisite products. They are sturdy, yet highly polished. But boy, they can be slippery. I haven't dropped my Mac yet, but it has nearly fallen out a single-handed grasp on countless occasions, forcing me to always carry it with two hands, even when the device is closed. I wish the finish on the product was grippier and more scratchproof. I also wish I could assign key settings without some third party app so that I can fully replicate the keyboard set up on my Mac as I'd find on a typical Windows PC. The keyboard is otherwise OK. The key travel is not nearly as good as my other laptop, but it's great considering the thinness of the computer. The touchpad is nice, very smooth, but I honestly wish it had dedicated left and right keys like my other PC. I feel a little slower navigating through my tasks as a result, and I sometimes miss-tap or accidentally initiate gestures as a result. But these aren't huge issues.

The big issue I've had is with battery life. It lasts no more than 4:30 on a single charge, usually closer to 4:00 on average. From what I've read this isn't a Windows issue as much as it is an Apple issue with supporting the drivers. Other PCs can get great battery life running Windows, why can't a Mac with a fresh install with no bloat?

By the way, the fact that there's no bloatware is a major plus, and it somewhat compensates for the meager battery life, though it comes with the cost of having to buy a full copy of Windows on its own.

I almost wish it was built like a Lenovo instead. Still, it sure beats most PCs running Windows, and hopefully if I install Windows 8 on it battery will improve a bit.

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  • Design 8
  • Keyboard 7
  • Touchpad 9
  • Display 8
  • Performance 9
  • Heat / noise 9
  • Battery life 5
  • Software 10
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