Xbox DRM: a compromise solution?

The changes announced today have alienated many of the Xbox One's most ardent fans. I counted myself among those. To be blunt, I'm pissed. I'm pissed at the internet rage machine that made this happen. I'm pissed at the tech press for focusing on the limiting side of DRM while ignoring the tremendous benefits it enabled. And I'm pissed at Microsoft for failing to tell their story intelligently and caving in the end.

That being said, I believe there is a way to appease both sides. The only way I can get behind this is if they have two separate game delivery methods.

1. Disc-based distribution: Disc must be in tray to play. No changes to the current retail or used game resale model. Disc can be played in any console, under any ID. No online requirement or DRM checks.

2. Digital distribution: Must opt-in to mandatory 24-hr DRM check. Games are linked to ID and can be played on any DRM-enabled console, once logged in. Can be shared with any 10 "family" members who also have DRM enabled. No disc in tray (clearly). No used game sales. Digital marketplace priced independently of the disc-based market, resembling Steam over time.

Thoughts? Would this be a workable compromise?