'Internet whine machine' 'vocal minority' 'ruined it for the rest of us' STOP. IT.

It was ill-conceived and even more ill-explained. There was enough dislike for the DRM scheme that Microsoft was forced to redact it. End of story. I could understand the Stockholm-esque response die hard xbone fans had before today. I cannot understand why it continues after this announcement. Microsoft made the decision they thought best for the product. This means, contrary to what you may believe, that this change is what Microsoft thinks suits the majority of their potential customers. I repeat: this means that the people defending the aforementioned DRM are the vocal minority they are complaining about, and they are the ones in a position to 'ruin it' for everyone else. The Verge forums are like the Twilight Zone. Literally every other website I've visited today is celebrating in the comment section.