What Microsoft should and will do before launch with the XBone

Here is what I think Microsoft should do to please both crowds please rip this apart and tell me where I'm wrong, I really think I hit the nail on the head.

1. If you buy a game digitally it behaves just as before, there are 24-hour DRM checks and all the sharing is the same as before.

2. The digital sharing will only work for games purchased digitally (Exception in 5)

3. Disks can be purchased and played offline, played online, sold, and purchased used. (Exception in 5.c)

4. Disks cannot be installed onto the XBone unless you are online.

5. If you have the game on disc and want it to be digital you can do that. The game will now be digital and require a 24-hour DRM check.

5.b That disk is still playable offline.

5.c This allows you to let another play the disk but they will not be able to go online with it. Only play single player.

6. Once a disk becomes digital it cannot be sold as used (Stores can check the status of the disk using a unique ID printed and stored in the disk)

7. Digital copies of the game cannot be used in an offline LAN situation but disks can

// Step 8 won't work due to games being able to both be played on one xbox digitally and one with a disk in a LAN situation. I'm only leaving it here so others that think of this idea will not waste their time typing it up.

8. Digital copies of the game can be turned into an offline mode while the Xbone is online. This makes it so any other instance of this game will be disabled until it is brought back online from the Xbox that originally turned it offline.

Please let me know of any loop holes so I can fill them!

Or of any confusing points so I can clearly express my ideas!