Office, Goggle Docs, OWA, 365 etc.

So after news of Office Web Apps getting a bit of an upgrade and reading the comments in the Verge's article on the matter, I got to wondering what people actually used for documents. If the traditional program Office is still king, if 365 has much traction and much of a user base, maybe you use Online Office Apps (not the same as 365). I've heard many companies use Google Docs, but only really through comment threads, my old school used them to a certain degree as well, but outside of that and much personal use I haven't seen many use it. There is also iWork, although whether or not that is even worth mentioning, I don't know. So what do you use? Bonus points to anyone who uses one of these for work purposes. Sorry I posted this here, but I couldn't think of a proper forum where I'd actually get responses.