Xbox One, the big picture

From the comments here, and even a staff article, it's clear that some of you can't wrap your heads around all of the moving pieces of this situation.

The family sharing plan gave you, essentially, a limited second copy of every game you purchased. Despite the publishers claiming to have had no idea what MS was up to, MS could not have offered that second copy without publisher approval.

This means the publishers were giving you a second copy of your game for the same price. Why would they do that? Because the One single handedly ended the rental and peer to peer used game markets for this console. All of the publishers want that to happen, regardless of what they tell the press.

Returning to the old system kills any reason for the publishers to give you that second copy. Optional digital titles don't change that, otherwise we could have that family library on the 360, the PS3 or the PS4. Steam can offer sharing because it's a purely digital ecosystem, with no renting and no used games, exactly what we would have had with the original concept for the Xbox One.

Microsoft doesn't operate in a vacuum. It's disheartening to see how many people don't get that.