The Xbox 180: A Tale of Misinformation

Okay, before any Xbox One or PS4 fanboy starts rabidly tearing me into pieces for being an "archaic moron" or an "MS cock-sucking bitch", hear me out. At first, I used to loathe the Xbox One with the whole 24/7 checkins and the DRM, and all the bullshit.

I didn't get its features well at all because, surprise, Xbox's PR team sucks at explaining even the simplest of features. Then I read this. This gave me an epiphany, that the Xbox One isn't Hitler incarnate for all the gaming world.

Xbox One's Family Sharing feature can be described with just one word: AWESOME.

Never in my life have I heard of such an awesome feature in a video game console like this. It's revolutionary, and it could be the future, if only they had explained it better than a pack of drooling monkeys.

So then I thought to myself: if all those vocal haters of the Xbox One ever bothered reading this, could their opinions had possibly been swayed? Better yet, had Xbox PR explained this better, could people actually love the Xbox One? We'll never know, since MS caved in.

In the end: it's not just the gamer's fault. It's not Microsoft's fault, either. It's everyone's fault.

It's Microsoft's fault for not having explained the Xbox One's features all that well, and it's the ignorant gamer's fault for not having searched more information about the Xbox One and its features.

Objectively speaking, the Xbox One was superior to the PS4 in almost everything, bar a few things like the RAM (debatable, but that's for another topic) the 24-hour check-ins (I dunno, it seems a bit weird, especially if I bought the game and installed it on the only hardware it can be installed on), and exclusives.

And yet, I can understand why many were upset.

There's this fairly obscure (but growing) YouTube Channel I follow called ReviewTechUSA. He talked about Digital Distribution in consoles. Now, Rich here used to hate Digital Distribution. He thought it made no sense to buy full price for a game he doesn't physically own. It was until something bad happened to his PC that he realized that Digital Distribution is amazing.

"Obviously with the Xbox One, they saw the success of Steam. And I agree that the future is gonna be Digital Distribution. But what they're doing is cram it down your throat. I can tell you from my own experience, trying to force people into Digital Distribution doesn't work. I had to get eased into it by my story I just told you."

"A lot of people, especially people who aren't PC gamers, who haven't dealt with Steam and other forms of DRM are gonna turn the gaming world upside down. This is their form of entertainment. These guys used to go to Gamestop to pick up a disc, and now you're telling me there's all these rules and regulations? It's going to be a huge culture shock to them."

Digital Distribution is inevitable.

"What will be the benefit to having a console? If I can't have the benefits of a portable gaming system, if I can't trade in games, if all those social aspects are going to go away because basically, it's going to be Steam on console with how you're going to get your games, what is the point of owning a gaming console?"

"Minus the occasional exclusive, there really won't be. What it signifies is that last gen, with the PS3, Xbox 360 and original Wii mark the era of true consoles. "

He brings interesting points. Now, I love what the Xbox One was going to bring to the table, but it was trying to do so way too quickly. You're talking about a crowd who mostly have never gamed on a PC in their entire life. They grew up with stuff like the Atari 2600, the ColecoVision, the Nintendo Entertainment System, the SEGA MegaDrive/Genesis, the PlayStation. They cherish those gaming experiences with their lives. This coming out of an 18 year-old who played Sonic the Hedgehog 2 for the Genesis ever since he was a 2 year-old in diapers.

And, I dunno, to just drastically transform that experience is... tough. It's as if all the things we used to know and love have become antiquated, obsolete.

Yes, I know that with the previously planned Family Share system, it was going to be the exact same thing. But it's not the same. Maybe it's nostalgia sweetly whispering into my ear, but I still love physical media. Nothing beats going to your local game store, buy your copy, open it up, and pop it in your console for the very first time. It's a magical experience.

And lastly, if next-gen DD is going to work like Xbox One was intending to do with all those 24/7 checkins, it's gonna suck. The convenience of being able to lug around your console wherever you go will become moot. Why bring a glorified Steam machine with more expensive games and inferior graphics when I can bring an all-around gaming/workhorse beast of a PC that'll last me a whole generation for cheap in a lightweight chassis (if you play your cards right)?

I dunno... Maybe I'm being a dick, maybe I'm not. Just thought I should express my opinion. As I said, I love the Xbox One's planned features, but they were trying to shove it through people's throats, and on top of that, explained all of its good features poorly.

Anyways, let me know what you guys think. Please don't cuss at me or do name-calling. I'm just expressing what I feel without sounding loathsome.