Dear Microsoft

Dear Microsoft,

I wish I could send you this letter to let you know you lost your balls today. You had a real chance to change things and not only did you blow it but you allowed a bunch of whining teenage boys to beat you. You see people jump onto any complaint they can about new polices but in business you must stick to your vision. Not only do you have to believe in it you must show everyone else you believe in it.

Today you went back on a decision that you should not have. When you announced the XB1 you gave it some of the most amazing features of any device to date. I am going to list the ones you took away today:

  • No more need to keep the disks after I buy a game: This was great because I was tired of trying to match everything else in my living room to the green cases. I was no longer going to have to worry about saving these easily broken digital transfer tools. I could quite literally throw them away after I was done with them. Storage space +1. My guess is the people that were complaining about this feature must live in mansions with infinite storage space. Well us normal people are usually confined to a smaller living space.
  • Family sharing: Holy sweet Christ! You mean that if 2 single player games come out and me and my friend buy one of each game we can share them when the other is not playing. Even though he lives nowhere near me. I can do this with up to 10 people? How can you not have people kicking your door down now that this feature is gone.
  • Removal of the annoying CD Key to get multiplayer to work: I hate anything that makes my life more difficult. Reading the CD key in its horrible font trying to enter it with a console controller? No thanks.

Let us go through the new features you gave us.

  • I can now play my video games offline: This is good for when I travel. I really hate going out when I travel and seeing the area I have never been to before especially if it is a remote place like one of the last few places with out internet. You know like if I go to private island or something as remote, what is there to do their besides play my Xbox.
  • I can now sell my games to Game Stop: I was worried about losing this. They really reduce the price of my games. Like way more than being able to share my games with my friends across the country. I mean if my 10 shared friends buy 5 single player games. That is only like 50 games that cost over $3000. My used game credit would be way more than that once I sell like 300 games back to Game Spot so thanks for that back.

Microsoft not only did your remove the features I was most looking forward to you ruined your console. I guess we should treat you like the boy who did his best. Good try big guy maybe you will get it right with the next console.
In case you were wondering what you should have done. You should have stayed the course. You should have integrated Windows Phone better. You should have come up with another answer to the DRM complaint. You should have done a lot of things. Going back on your vision was the absolute worse thing you could have ever done. Please come to your senses, I was looking forward to buying the real XB1.

Try again,

The Controller