HTC ONE Review - Not what I expected & What's my Next?

Disclaimer: I took this post down yesterday to avoid any flame wars but since another member was disappointed that I took it down, I figured I'd just take the beating from the fanboys and speak my mind.

It's been about a month with the HTC ONE and I told the Army I would do a review of the device but never did. Well I have a better idea, we know what makes it amazing, the screen etc but here is why I will be getting rid of it.

-It over heats after long periods of usage even if the task are something simple such as messaging.
-The Camera glass on the back cracked for no apparent reason.

-After 30 days I can't get with this button arrangement, especially this double tap to multitask. It's nearly impossible to do it right with one try.

-Battery Life is terrible for any heavy user, or any moderate user for that fact.

-This phone is HEAVY!!!!

-The edges cut into your hand, it's by no means comfortable to hold. Just to look at. (I figured that out when I took it out the box but tried to look past it).

-Sense 5 is effing STUPID!! Why can I not fling the icons to the top to remove them.

-Why must I go through four steps to change my wall paper.

-What's with this app drawers and the dock being tied to what shows on the home screen. I had to switch to Nova.

-After a while the lock button on the left annoys me, why is it so flush.
This is why Samsung has better customer satisfaction. So after waking up to this phone everyday, like a bad one night stand that won't end, I've decided to do something about it but I need your help.

I called T-Mobile - (Leaving Verizon may be the worse decision I've ever made) As usual they're no help what so ever. My issue is I'm pretty much over the ONE. It's a heavy hot piece of metal, with terrible battery life and a button arrangement I don't really care for among other annoyances.

If I could I would probally go back to my GS3 and have it unlocked on T-Mo but after using the one's screen it's kinda hard to go back. T-Mo won't let me upgrade or trade this tragic of a phone in for the G4 because the One is not paid off. Even tho their advertising CLEARLY says UPGRADE ANY TIME! Anyways I guess there is always fine print.
A N4, GS4, iPhone 5 any one of those three would have been a better decision than picking this one.

So. . . Now what do I do???

-Well as much as I hate the One, I still love it which makes me feel a bit bi-polar or something. I've never used a screen this beautiful before, but whats with all the bezel. Strangely I like the bezel on the Z10. . .

-Boomsound and Beats Audio are a dream come true (I work with Music and find that beats makes the sound experience a little better on the phone. Actually way better, although in reality it's just adding a low end.)

-For some odd reason I like Blinkfeed and it's a great addition to the phone. But let's be real, HTC won't support it for long. What happened to the addition and changes they were supposed to make to it?? Fail. . .

-This is the best camera I've ever used. Also the camera features are awesome!!

-The phone looks so pretty (Although it's heavy, hot and edges could probably slice my potatoes)

Lastly Android is awesome.

With that said this phone won't make it with me for a year or even 9 months. My next phone will more than likely be the iPhone 5s/6 with all my Google apps on it. OR. .. . . the Moto X. Maybe N5 but that's to long of a wait.