Crunchbang 11 (Waldorf)

Did someone of you test Crunchbang yet?

I discovered it around two weeks ago. It's a lightweight Debian based distro with Openbox as a window manager.I've used mostly Ubuntu so far and tried some of the big names e.g. Debian, Opensuse, Fedora, Mint but this one just blew me away.

I really love how fast and basic it is. I can have tons of tabs open in Chrome, watch a video and do some stuff in GIMP and the system doesn't seem to bother the slightest.

This is how it looks right after the start. It's maybe not as comfortable but once you've got your set up it works great. Most of the problems I've had come from noobishness when it comes to Linux :). However the people in the forum are really friendly and helpful.



I highly recommend you give it a try and it's not just for older hardware in fact all my machines are relatively new (all with an ix CPU).