MICROSOFT IS FAILING[insert obnoxious amount of "!" here]

So is anyone else sick of the old "Microsoft and PCs are a sinking ship" banter? I sure as hell am. I honestly don't know which is really worse. The people who think PCs will just fade away to oblivion as tablets take over the world, or the people who not only think this, but think that MS will fail because they assume they are not profiting from anywhere else but their PCs. Now don't get me wrong, I realize that PC sales are dropping, and that MS's major profit comes from PC's but to assume that either of the two will be going anywhere any time soon is outright ridicules. Now look, we can sit here and assume that PCs are going to be fully replaced by tablets because of a slight drop in sales, or we can come to a more realistic conclusion that people are not buying PCs as secondary devices as much, because of the wave of tablets and smart phones. By no means are PCs being replaced, and I highly doubt they will be any time in the near future. PCs are still going strong, people who use computers for a living usually do not use tablets as a means of doing so, when it comes to actually getting work done the PC is still king. Microsoft, I'd assume, is not doing as well as it had been doing in recent years. However does this mean MS is dying? No, far from it, if anything I predict that MS will be seeing a jump in profit six months from now, why? The XBox One, let's not forget that MS is not just windows., and even though many people are bitching about the Xbox One now, I can give a pretty solid guess that those same people will buy that very system when it comes out, kinect and all. Of course this isn't the only place where MS will, and is doing well, the aforementioned Windows is still the biggest (and by a large margin) PC OS in the world. Now just so people don't mistake this for fanboy post (which would be ironic because in one of my first post I had been hanged and burned as being a MS hating witch), I do not like all of MS's products, I really do not like Windows on the PC (Vista, 7, 8 take your pick), however I do like, and love Windows on tablets and phones. This post isn't about like or dislike though, it's about whether or not MS is doing well, and it is. No one can deny this, and as much fun as it is to run around with a large piece of cardboard hung around your neck that says "the post PC era is here", it's not true. PCs are here, and they are here to stay.