Looking for a Galaxy Nexus replacement

I've been looking for a replacement for my Galaxy Nexus and I came to the following list:

  • iPhone 5: After 1 ½ year using Android, I still love iOS's great app ecosystem. And the IPhone screen color accuracy is truly second to none.
  • Galaxy S4: BOY I LOVE THAT SCREEN! But I hate plastic phones and TouchWiz, however the Google special edition is still a possibility. However, as I'm from Brazil, getting it from the Play Store would be a mess (even though it's possible - I'm travelling to the US in July)
  • HTC One: I've never seen one but I fell in love for that design. However I don't know how good the screen is. I HATED the Nexus 4 screen, so I'm still unsure if I can buy it (from the Play Store, BTW)

What's your opinion? Which phone should I buy?