Inspiration for iOS 7 multi-tasking

I was using safari for iPhone today, and I went to switch between tabs, when it sort of dawned on me: the tab switcher in safari for iOS (which has not changed since the original iPhone) is the REAL inspiration for multi-tasking in iOS 7. Palm may have been the first to use the card-UI for multi-tasking (and really for the foundation of their operating system), but the actual UI comes from Apple. And it's been there from the beginning.



Actually, iMore has a great article that I found from May 2012, that focuses on re-thinking multi-tasking in iOS 6. Basically, Rene wanted Apple to do exactly what they did with iOS 7.

Of course, if you just listened to some commentators out their on the interwebs these days, you would think Apple "stole" the card-UI for multi-tasking from Matias Duarte and Palm. Really, though, it's obviously a little more nuanced than that. And if someone can find an example of the card-UI prior to iOS, I would love to see it.

And am I the only one that really misses webOS? I never owned a webOS phone, but when the palm pre came out, I thought that it might have been the iPhone's real competitor in the coming years (as opposed to android). I was wrong of course, but I still think webOS was on the only mobile OS on par with iOS at the time, and maybe even slightly ahead.