Xbox One policy change vent thread.

Okay, so I'm already venting a bit on the articles but here's what people can vent about here:

    • Reddit/Twitter culture of perpetuating resistance to any kind of change that means "freedom to" rather than "freedom from" (Think freedom to share digitally rather than freedom from the internet)
    • Microsoft going back to 2005 policies on DRM
    • This generation being "just a faster horse" rather than a car
    • The "we're not ready for it yet" argument
    • The "but what if I'm on a nuclear sub?" argument (surely you've got more important things to do on there)
    • Microsoft not just sucking it up and being confident about the future, needless to say just being crap at actually explaining the policy.
    • The Verge article criticising the reversal despite criticising the initial moves.

Whatever else you can think of. This is the post to bounce off each other and let off steam about this. (excuse the pun)