"They should have explained it a lot better..." - Tom Warren

I was reading the article "Back to reality: Microsoft's new Xbox One policies retreat from the future", by David Pierce, and somewhere in the comments, I saw a comment made by Tom. In it, he voiced his concerns about the XB1 and some of its lost features, and said about Microsoft, that... "They should have explained it a lot better…" Tom, are you serious? You know, I support a lot of the journalists at The Verge, but that statement is insulting, even though it was right. Their PR department could have really communicated their vision better, but in no way does this rest solely on Microsoft. Microsoft put ALL the information out there, for everyone. Yet, you same people here at The Verge, and many other sites, decided to run with the negatives, only. You completely ignored the positives, and sensationalized the negative drawbacks of XB1’s policies, and now, you complain when they changed their immediate vision!!!! How dare you!?!?!?! Your journalistic responsibility to report the facts, and all of the facts were ignored. You all reported with bias, to increase your hits. You mislead masses of people, by either not reporting the whole story, or highlighting only the negatives, or both! Microsoft had all the information online, freely accessible to anyone who cared to read it. The problem is, you guys made people not care to read it. So many people had no real understanding of the benefits, because I saw what they were saying, they were gravely misinformed/under-informed and in some cases, entirely wrong. But, very few of you journalists helped, or even tried to correct any mix-ups. You relished in Microsoft’s languish, and this is the price you pay. Your words have power, if you truly want Microsoft to re-instate some of its previous, Next-Gen features, voice yourself, and do it loud and clear. You did it once already! And I do not only urge reporters / journalists to do this. Like all the ill-informed gamers before, I want every single one of you with a voice, and internet access to let the world know what features you want in the Xbox One. Microsoft is all ears.