The WYSIWYG post creator needs to be fixed for IE


What you see is what you get.

Basically, when you try to create a post in Internet Explorer this is the editor you get this


Where in other browsers you get this:


But why?

Developers can't do everything at once, they need to prioritize features. Essentially The Verge devs have decided that getting the WYSIWYG editor working isn't as important as other stuff.

Why don't they think it's important?

That one is simple; we aren't telling them it's important.

If no one is telling them, then there is no way for them to know how confusing and frustrating it is for users trying to create posts using IE.

Luckily, The Verge has a suggestion box! If everyone makes a suggestion to implement the WYSIWYG editor for IE then it's going to help bump it up the list of priorities.

Sweet! how do I do that?

It's easy! Go to the front page and click on "TIP US"


Select "I want to suggest a feature" from the dropdown box and fill in the details and click on "SUBMIT"

For the summary I wrote "The WYSIWYG post creator needs to be fixed for IE"

For the description I wrote "The WYSIWYG editor works for other browsers, but not Internet Explorer. This causes a lot of confusion and frustration for users creating posts using Internet Explorer. Please fix it."


OK, what's next?

That's it! Just drop a comment and/or click on the "+RECS" button to the left of the post title if you think this is a good idea. Alternatively call me crazy for trying to get this fixed - that's cool too! :D