HTC One or One Mini?

In short, I need to decide if I want to cave and get the HTC One now or wait for the HTC One Mini.

My wife and I are taking advantage of a work-sponsored plan on Sprint. I was with Sprint before my current situation and I got great service. I really liked the Google Voice integration, too. I got a Nexus 4 on T-mobile about 4 months ago and, while I like paying $30/mo for service, I don't get internet at my home address so there's a steep service cost for that discount. Not to mention their online payment service doesn't function.

Additionally the little hardware deficiencies of the Nexus 4 are beginning to get to me. The buttons rattle constantly. The glass feels more like plastic because of the rattles. The camera is a piece of junk. You can't hear the speaker (and therefore your morning alarm) if the phone is sitting on its back (like when it's inductive charging at night). Lastly, stock Android isn't all its cracked up to be. Especially when I can root an HTC and get a better featureset at the cost of slower OS updates. (What ROMs are out there for the CDMA One, anyways? Anything good?)

My last complaint about the Nexus 4 is admittedly my own undoing: It's too big. I'm in the camp that thinks a phone should be used with one hand. That's why the One Mini has me so intrigued. It's iPhone size! I know I'd be happy with the dimensions of the phone throughout the 2 years of the contract I'm about to sign. I can't say the same about the One, which seems it would be even more cumbersome than the Nexus 4. Then again, there's no guarantee it'll be out for Sprint- current rumors have it on AT&T and T-mobile in August.

Any insight you guys have would be much appreciated.