The "Missed" tab on Notification Center, let's kill it?

Ok, here's the thing: what's the sense of the "Missed" tab on Notification Center?



Why? Just to show notifications from the last 24h? Am I the only one who thinks this is stupid? It's totally redundant! Stupid in the sense Apple is adding this feature, and, at the same time, killing useful features like the post to twitter, post to facebook, 7-day forecast widgets.



So, here's my idea: what if Apple eliminate the "Missed" tab, and instead, create this:

Today || Notifications || Dashboard

Three tabs, that are actually swipable panels you can navigate with swipes, like the Weather app. It's just more efficient, specially on the iPhone 5 with its taller screen. On Dashboard Apple would add small shortcuts, things like:

1. Post to twitter/facebook/Linkedin

2. Compose new Message/Mail/Reminders/Notes

3. Weather (with a 7 day forecast)

4. World clock

5. Last Photo taken

6. Favorites from my Phone/

It's just a more efficient way to navigate. If I'm on Safari and want to send an iMessage, I just swipe down, tap the shortcut on Dashboard, write my message, and go back to Safari. I don't need to leave my workflow. Or, how many times I take a photo and someone asks "Oh, let me see it" and I'm already on another app? With the "Last Photo Taken" shortcut I would be able to quickly swipe down and show it to the person, even share it through Airdrop/Twitter right from the Notification Center, without leaving my current opened app. If I'm writing and e-mail and want to check an information with someone, I just swipe down, call that person from my Favorites, and continue to do my work. No need to get in and out of apps. It's, you know, widgets/shortcuts done the right way.

Usually I'm not the kind of user who keeps posting concepts or things like that here, but... Man, I just hate that "Missed" tab. It's so useless, and kill a good feature the previous Notification Center had: widgets. If you agree with me, what about sending a request to Apple? Maybe, just maybe, they could hear us.Maybe there's still time to fix this until final version.

EDIT: fwdslash1 designed a mockup of what that feature would look like! Thanks!



What do you guys think?