What Microsoft can do to embrace the digital future

I'm mad at Microsoft, but I don't blame them

They have to look out for their business and make it successful. Unfortunately, for those of us who were ready and pre-ordered to embrace the digital future are now losing some great benefits that we would have had. There were more people who were mad because they didn't get what they wanted, but now the people who was fine with it, are getting shafted. I just want to think of some ways that we can co-exist, where the Xbox One gets the best of both worlds. Unfortunately, some things would have been very exclusive to Xbox One but because of their policy change, Playstation can easily copy it (which they've done time and time again, but that's for another post).

Digital Downloads get DRM

The bad stuff

If I buy a digital game, I should have the same 24hr check as before. It is also up to publishers to allow trade/used games on digital downloads.

The good stuff

I should be able to gift friends, share with my 10 "family" members in our shared game library checkout system. The ability to have someone bring a game over, install it on my machine, and if I want to change that game to be a "digital download" I would have to pay the full digital download price. That way, you don't have two copies of the game around. He still needs his disc (unless he pays again for digital download) to play and I either need a disc to play (which is DRM...fools), or I need digital rights by payment.

The reason I want this is because it is much faster to install a game on a disc than it is to download and then install. That was an awesome feature that is now lost with the policy change (and can't come back...unless the theory I provided is used...someone must buy the game).

Finally, make the digital games cheaper than the physical games (at least for first party) to give incentives to people to get digital copies of their games. Make people embrace the change with their wallets, that's the only way. $49.99 for a digital copy vs. $59.99 of a physical copy? Yea, Gamestop won't like that...but screw them, they've been screwing consumers (who, for some reason, want to be screwed over) for years.

We already know all of the stuff for disc based games. I was one of the "few" that loved where Microsoft was taking me with the future.

I'm saddened by the news, but hopefully Microsoft can lead the industry into the digital future again.