Buy Nexus 4 or just wait until next one?

Hello gentlemen. I know that this question have been asked through every community, but I'm still not sure what to do, and I hope you can help me (since you did it already once with my jump from iOS :D,

Anyway, as you probably know if you read my last topic, I use a Galaxy Ace a bit outdated, but since is slow as hell, I need to have my iTouch 4G as well in order to check social networks, read news through RSS or just surf the web. Now, after 2 years of doing that, I want to get rid of both devices and just get one which I can do everything that I want whenever I want! Thanks to "TheVerge" community, I changed my mind and finally decided that I want an Android device.

And after thinking it so much, I decided about buying Nexus 4 the next July, but...since the last Nexus was announced around November. I'm not sure if I should wait in order to get the "Nexus 5" or just buy "Nexus 4". I don't have problems with the storage since my iTouch is just 8GB and I still have 3 GB left, so 16GB will be enough for me. And I don't have problems with LTE either, since I don't have that network available in my country yet :P

So waiting will be just to get the latest device and possibly get the new features on that model (if it's still as affordable as the Nexus 4) , but I'm not really worried about camera performance, since I don't take a lot of photographs.

So I don't know really if I should wait until...whenever it takes, or just buy Nexus 4, get rid of my laggy iTouch + Galaxy Ace, and just that. I have no problems changing to Android, since my brother has a "Xperia Z" full rooted + flashed.

What would you do in my case mates? Thanks for all your help, and sorry for my poor English.

PS: That is just considering that my father let me buy it with my OWN money :'(