I think Google needs to shift focus onto apps, not games

TLDR: android needs better apps. Google need to give the same attention to apps as they have for games. Begin by fixing play store categories.

I readily admit I don't often play games on android. I'm not anti-gaming, it's just not my thing. I also appreciate that games are big business for developers and Google, through their Play Store.

But I think the emphasis has gone too far. Look at the play store for example, open it up and you have sections for Apps and for Games. You'd think that's a fair distinction, and Games is indeed full of .. games.

Yet open up Apps, and the games are all there too! Swipe across those app categories, see how many in the lists are games. It's frustrating for someone who isn't interested.

Fix this, Google. Categories don't work if they contain everything.

Gaming is becoming a more even playing field, thanks in part to Google's huge emphasis and support of gaming on android. It's about time they paid app developers the same attention. Google's own apps are generally of such high quality that it's amazing they could undervalue and neglect others.

I think most agree that iOS generally gets better apps, or at least the same apps as android, but first. This situation is particularly stark on tablets. With the success of apps like Paper on iPad, you'd think Google would put more effort into encouraging developers to take full advantage of android's arguably more open possibilities to create some outstanding apps. Productive, creative, entertaining, educational. I think it's a major priority if they want to stay ahead.

What do you think?